Live monitoring of theatre control consoles

Mac PC Cue View v1.2

QLab + Eos = ♥

Cue View automatically searches for Eos family consoles and computers running QLab on launch. Most devices will appear and start tracking in a few seconds.

Live Updating

Updates to cues (fade times, names, numbers) are instantly reflected in Cue View. See adjustments to order, timing, labels, and grouping in real time.

Peace of Mind

Connections to devices are checked every second, and when Cue View gets an all-clear from the console, a reassuring heartbeat icon is displayed. If something goes wrong with the network, you'll know right away.

For Theatre People

Cue View is the perfect solution for theatre people of all stripes.

Stage Managers can see any addional cues or timing as they're adjusted. Musicians can reference a read-only view of any upcoming effects or click tracks. Production managers and teachers will love keeping an eye on show progress, even from their office!

Automatic network search

Cue View automatically searches for devices on launch. Devices appear and start tracking in seconds.

Configuration Free

No settings to adjust, no IP addresses to enter. Supports as many devices as will fit on your display.