Cue View PC Version Released

April 2, 2019 by Alec

PC Version (FINALLY)

Cue View 1.2 is now available for PC! The new version also shaves off 100mb of app size and ships as a quick automatic install.

Cue View version 1.0 Released

June 8, 2018 by Alec

Cue View is now available!

I love to build tools for theatre technicians that bridge gaps and simplify show control systems. Cue View is an evolution of projects like QLX, which connected Eos consoles to QLab before they had OSC features, and QSpotify, which enables QLab to control Spotify music.

Cue View is a tool for remote monitoring of QLab and Eos devices at any stage of the production process, from dry tech to the final run. QLab's industry standard sound, video, and lighting control capabilities are paired with ETC's Eos family lighting consoles in theatres of all sizes, which makes Cue View the perfect companion tool. Stage managers can watch as designers update cue numbers and timing, staying on top of any changes as they happen. Technicians backstage use Cue View to keep track of show progress and know what's coming up next. Cue View is perfect for any situation where a read-only view of a cue list is required!

Cue View's UI is carefully designed to emulate the master devices as closely as possible, while removing unnecessary information and clutter. Programmers will feel right at home in Cue View's familiar interface.

I'm excited to share Cue View with the greater theatre community. If you're using Cue View in a unique way or have a device you want Cue View to support, let me know!